Nomad ChargeKey is a Must Buy

There are few products which I see which are worthy of me carrying with me everywhere but the Nomad CHARGEKEY is one such item as it fits in a wallet and allows you to charge an iOS Lightning device from any USB power source. There isn’t much to say about it beyond you need to have one with you for emergencies. Everyone who has a mobile device should go out and purchase one right now. It even fits on a keychain.

It is made from a durable rubber-like material which is actually plastic and stands up to tremendous amounts of bending and tugging. The company also offers a MicroUSB and 30-pin variant and a credit-card sized charger called the CHARGECARD.

My colleague Tom Keating has a recent review on the Jumper Card which is similar – it adds a battery and a light as well.

My room for improvement for this miniature wonder is simple… The cable is short at around a couple of inches long; it needs to be longer if you want to work while the device is charging. Then again, I think the three-foot cord standard Apple uses is too short but that hasn’t stopped them from being very successful selling them.

Some shots of CHARGECARD and CHARGEKEY in the wild


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