Online Community and SEO Interview

I was just interviewed on a podcast by Peter Radizeski who in addition to being a TMC blogger is an expert on the telecom channel and a sought out social media and marketing consultant. On the online community building and SEO podcast we discussed not only how to improve search rank but how to select keywords and use call to action to ensure success. We also had a chance to discuss TMC’s online communities which are news-generated and help our sponsors with their branding, thought leadership, social networking and lead generation. I Hope you like it.

A while back I was also interviewed by Paul Ritter of Interactive Media Strategies regarding online community building and how TMC builds targeted audiences on-demand via specific content and sophisticated, proprietary content-management systems. Check it out below:


Interestingly in the video above it mentions TMC has over 130 sponsored online communities, we now have over 200.

Thank you Peter and and Paul for the opportunity.

Here are more videos with Paul Ritter – What is TMC? and how to utilize video in your marketing strategy.

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