OpenWave Uses Push To Boost Consumer Relationships with Carriers

Mobile carriers aren’t communicating with subscribers as effectively as possible and as a result Openwave Mobility is providing their MOTIFY solution which solves the problem by using a push notification on iOS/Android devics to begin user-engagement. At that point they communicate with an app on the device which connects with Openwave Mobility’s backed system which receives data over the push channel.

The cloud-based solution can be used to send marketing campaigns to users and can then determine the uptake through reporting.

For example, if there is a new video feed to a local sporting event which the carrier wants to promote, they can send a message letting the appropriate subsctibers know.

The system lets you determine what happens when users respond. The Message Builder function is an integrated marketing GUI environment which also supports a preview function to see what it will look like on the target device. Each push campaign can be mapped to specific events such as when they begin roaming or are over quota, dealing with service denial, near quota etc. Basically network charging events can be used as upsell opportunies.

According to company representitive Michael Rodgers (pictured above), SMS is not as effective as the push channel as it doesn’t allow the introduction of rich media and moreover it doesn’t support tablets.

Obviously the carrier needs to ensure the data communicating to this application is not blocked in a data overage situation.

The company provides broadcast tools which allow importing from an external source allowing you to segment your users via analytics – the company provides such a solution by the way. This allows for example a soccer promotion to be sent to sports enthusiasts.

Rodgers says his company understands user behaviour and the mobile space very well and they have made a tremendous investment in user engagement. They believe this knowledge (and he tells me current customers agree) leads to tremendous data driven upselling results.

“In business as in life, great timing really matters,” said John Giere, CEO at Openwave Mobility. “Get it wrong and you’ve missed the opportunity, but get it right and you are building customer loyalty.


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