Photobucket Outage

Updated 4/14/2011, 4/15/2011 and 4/19/2011 – see below.

Originally posted 4/13/2011

Apparently my Photobucket account is one of the ones unavailable due to maintenance. I have come to rely on this cloud-based photo sharing service more and more as it works on iOS and the Sony Dash. There is an Android app as well which I have found doesn’t display photos as well as it does on other operating systems. Here is the message the company gives when I try to login via the web.


Update 4/14/2011: Its been more than 24 hours and the site is still out. This is without a doubt one of the challenges of moving to the cloud – but that doesn’t mean as a customer of a free service I feel I have such a strong right to complain.

Jim Goss, the company’s VP of Operations expressed his apologies (see below) for the site being inaccessible via the Sony Dash, the web and iOS – I’ve tried all three. The amazing news is I am among the 0.25% of the user base affected – according to Goss. Ideally customers would receive an email when the service is working again. I am getting fed up with relogging in unsuccessfully on my Sony Dash which seems to function primarily as an expensive electronic photo frame.


Update 04/15/11: It’s been 48 hours and yes, you guessed it – my photos and videos are nowhere to be found but this nice message below from Jim Goss is quite like the spoonful of sugar which makes the medicine go down. The good news is this latest post could be lasting – and would fit regardless of how long my photos remain in limbo – and hopefully they aren’t lost.


Update 4/19/2011: It has now been six days and still no photos – this message is what I see when I try to upload photos.


The Photobucket blog is littered with maintenance update notices starting April 12, 2011 and a hardware issues update from April 18 which says there should be a solution today or tomorrow – we’ll see.

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