ProfitBricks: Where InfiniBand Meets Cloud 2.0

In a recent meeting with William Toll and Pete Johnson of ProfitBricks, the pair were ecstatic to explain how their company has developed public cloud 2.0 – in other words this is not your father’s cloud. Now you might be thinking cloud is cloud is cloud – especially when it comes to the public variety but the company thinks differently and they make a compelling case as to why their solution is far better.

Part of the reason is structural – using InfiniBand – a switched fabric communications link which can transfer data 40-80x faster than traditional solutions, the company is able to rapidly move virtual machines around their data center… “So fast, the VM doesn’t even know it has been moved,” they said. In the real world this means they can instantly size applications and machines with the resources needed.

The idea is that resources can be added and subtracted from applications an VMs allowing the cloud to become a much more flexible and customizable environment.

They believe their cloud is roughly analogous to a DVR in a world dominated by VCRs. Other benefits they touted were the fact they bill by the minute and the simple GUI interface (below) they provide for management.

ProfitBricks DCD.png

Is ProfitBricks an instant Amazon killer? No, of course not but the added flexibility it brings to the public cloud arena means others in the space have some serious catching up to do.

Some TMCnet videos which explain more about InfiniBand

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