Rich has Blogging Envy

We are having an unusual weather pattern this week. Case in point, this week last year the team at TMC was up in Boston shooting videos and meeting with some of the leading tech companies in Massachusetts and as I recall it was ice cold. Below freezing with bitter cold winds. This year, it is warm and muggy even. Maybe a coincidence but I have been kind of forgetful as this weird weather has continued and this lead me to forget to bring the cord for my laptop up to Boston.
Instead I have the iPad, an external keyboard and a power cord for the iPad. The only challenge is the blogging tool I use, BlogPress doesn’t work with iOS5 – it crashes as soon as I open it. The company tells me they submitted their app to Apple and are waiting for approval. That was about a month ago. Wonder what the hold up is.
Coincidentally, Tom Keating at TMC sent me a link to Blogsy earlier today – it is supposed to be an awesome iPad blogging platform. I installed it as well – before I even got to Boston. The problem is it has a memory error and the company tells me they too have submitted their app to Apple for approval.
So Apple, please throw me a bone here. I really would like to be able to use some of these blogging packages so the sooner the better. If you can expedite a bit as a holiday gift, it will be much appreciated.
As you noticed I did indeed blog without these software packages – I can do this via email or even via HTML, through our blogging software. The only problem is, its more difficult to add categories and tags and hyperlinking needs to be done manually – something I despise doing. Thus no links above.
So each day I check the App Store and cross my mental fingers. Hopefully some day soon Apple will let these updated apps through and I will have a big smile. Until then, you may see some tag-free and link-free posts.

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