Side Effect of Blogging

The more you blog, the more e-mail you get. Of course my fellow bloggers know this. I find it amazing how many people find blog entries from the past few years and send me e-mails on various topics. I get many requests about investment opportunities to helping people fix their VoIP or broadband problems. I wish I had time to respond to each with the correct answer.

Unfortunately I don’t always know if company X is a good investment. I do always answer to the best of my ability though. Of course you can always post a comment to my blog and in many cases, the community of readers will respond.

Having said that, I am going to go back to my inbox to catch up. Have a great weekend!

On a separate note, thanks all for visiting TMCnet so often.

Yesterday we were ranked by Alexa at 677 which means TMCnet was the 677 most visited site in the world.
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