Sony Type G

Sony has done it again with their featherweight Vaio which is called the Type G. Perhaps the G refers to the absence of grams as the laptop weighs in a bit shy of 900 of them. That is just under 2 pounds by the way. As an aside, I have never been a fan of the name Vaio for Sony’s laptops but I have been a fan of how well Sony computers have been designed. They always look much nicer than the typical black box design of other PC makers.

I started this entry by saying the company has done it again as I recall being blown away at the diminutive size of the original Sony Vaio laptops many years ago.

Of course we all know about the Sony battery recall saga that seems to never end. This is pretty big black eye for the company that will probably be erased over time. Of course innovative products can only help to hasten the pace of recovery.

So with this knowledge the company has released the world’s lightest laptop which has a screen a whisper bigger than 12 inches in size and a whopping 12.4 hours of batter life.

Some interesting numbers from this article on the topic are worth noting. 9.6 million Sony laptop batteries were recalled and Sony hopes to sell 4.2 million Vaios between now and march of 2007.

One wonders if consumers will be reluctant to purchase a Sony laptop on the bleeding edge of technology in the next few months. It remains to be seen.

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