Speech Recognition Licence Savings

top-3100-rank.jpgIf you aren’t aware – I run a media company. My company’s website — TMCnet.com gets between 2-3 million unique visitors from around the world each month and up to 40 million pages are viewed each month as well. In addition, TMCnet is ranked in the top 3,100 sites in the world.

First of all, thanks for reading this blog and visiting TMCnet and being part of the world’s largest communications and technology community.

Now that I got all of that out of the way in the interest of disclosure and all that, I wanted to be sure you knew that TMCnet has a webinar which took place today, focused on how JetBlue replaced $1,000 speech recognition licenses for $15.

You will soon be able to listen to this archived webinar and I have been meaning to write about it before but didn’t have the time. Seems like a no-brainer to check out if you run a call center or are in the market for speech recognition solutions.

Hope you enjoy it.

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