Super Tuesday Web Traffic

I was curious to see how much web traffic the various candidates have for today’s Super Tuesday election and I was a bit surprised to see the results. This is where it stands so far (candidates in random order):


Unique US Visitors/Month

Hillary Clinton


Barrack Obama


Mitt Romney


Mike Huckabee


John McCain


I used Quantcast to get these numbers by the way.

I would have expected Obama to have more unique visitors because of the younger demographic that he attracts. I would expect McCain to have low numbers because of the combination of his attraction to more "seasoned" (read less web savvy) voters and the fact that voters know him well already and don’t need to check out his website to learn about his positions.

The surprise here for me is without a doubt Mike Huckabee. Either he is spending more on online marketing than others or there is more interest in him than others. I wonder how these numbers will equate to votes today. It will be very interesting to see.

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