Super WiFi Hotspot Gives 3 Mile Range

super-wifi-happy.jpgOne of the absolutely most disruptive technologies I have seen is Super WiFi and although, until now, the technology has been more theory than practice, there is a grandmother in Texas named Leticia Aguirre who has lit up a hotspot in her house with a range of three square miles – an absolutely staggering distance. Utilizing dynamic spectrum access the network shifts automatically between WiFi and a dormant digital UHF TV channel to provide the ideal coverage characteristics.

Organizations involved in this trial are Rice University, Houston nonprofit Technology for All (TFA) and the NSF who provided a grant to incorporate super WiFi into the network.

Coincidentally, this September will see the second occurrence of the world’s only Super WiFi Summit which will be cohosted by TMC where I am CEO and Crossfire Media where Carl Ford is a founding partner.

If you are an investor, carrier, equipment provider, corporation, reseller or anyone who understands the massive potential of being able to “light up” three square miles with broadband wireless with no licensing costs or need to construct towers, you should be in Austin, Texas, September 13-15, 2011. Discounted registration is available if you act now.

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