Swiffy From Google: Convert Flash to HTML5

Slowly but surely the tools to enable Flash animations to become HTML5 are being introduced and as they become more refined, it will be far easier for developers familiar with SWF files to figure their way around HTML5. Google recently announced Swiffy as part of Google Labs – a cloud-based converter which uses a compact JSON representation of the animation, which is rendered using SVG and a bit of HTML5 and CSS3. ActionScript 2.0 is also present in the JSON object, and is interpreted in JavaScript in the browser. The company says the result are files which are almost as compact as the original SWF files.

I ran a few of the demos using Firefox which is generally inferior to Chrome when it comes to HTML5 and they were fine. Try for yourself.

Here is an example of one of these conversions.


TMC where I am CEO is cosponsoring an HTML5 event called DevCon5 in Manhattan, July 27-28, 2011 and the show is a must-attend for developers, designers, media companies and executives who don’t want to be left in the dust.

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