Tangoe Integrates MDM and TEM

At Mobile World Congress 2013 Tangoe was discussing the company’s integrated solutions which combine TEM and MDM allowing telecom expense management and mobile device management to be handled with a single sign-on and user interface. As Director of Product Marketing Troy Fulton (pictured) explained to me, with 4G networks, bill shock can be quite real as you can be roaming and rapidly go way over your allotment of data.

The companies rTEM solutions can deal with such a scenario in ten minutes he says. Moreover, Tangoe realizes devices have valuable information on them – in fact many large enterprises spend 57% of their IT budgets on mobility, making it quite strategic says Fulton. He further explained in a big data analytics world, this data becomes more important than ever and as a result the company focuses extensively on an end-of-life recycling program where important data is wiped before the device leaves corporate hands.

Another major area of security is jailbroken or rooted phones and Tangoe’s solutions deal with this scenario in a number of ways. It first takes into account who the user is, if the situation is a case of BYOD, is it a corporate liable device, etc.

Actions which can be taken as a result are to lock the device, and notify the user in their language. Moreover they can be blocked from exchange access, App Store access, the MDM profile can be wiped from the device meaning it can’t access enterprise resources, etc. If content and data are protected in a secure container on the phone or gadget, this data can be removed as well.

The bottom line is Tangoe is differentiating itself by integrating its MDM and TEM solutions making life easier for stakeholders as well as reducing cost by minimizing bill shock and protecting corporate data from leaking.


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