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One of the most exciting projects we’ve been working on here at TMC is our Tech Culture Awards… This award program is designed to highlight the best and brightest companies in the market – the ones who are going the extra mile to make their companies appealing to you. In all, the submissions are more than 750 pages of typical Microsoft Word Text.

We are about 15-20% complete and have assigned preliminary grades.

The biggest challenge we have had is to determine what not to share with prospective workers. In other words, how do we differentiate between what is a valuable differentiator which will make a submission too voluminous and what is legitimately helpful to a job candidate?

We have gone through submissions from New York, Minnesota, Boston, Silicon Valley, Austin, Houston and Pennsylvania among others.

Generally, it seems the perks and benefits get better, the closer you are to a major city. Tech hubs of course are the most competitive.

Other solid trends we’ve seen is the truly competitive companies are really focused on training as well as giving back to their communities. All, really good signs.

We hope to finish these up within about 45-90 days or so at the latest.

We prefer to do this right rather than quickly and with so much content to sift through, we want to be sure we assign our grades as fairly as possible. We’ve already had to go back through the submissions numerous times and reevaluate the grading system we have in place because companies continue to outdo one another.

Frankly, it’s an amazing thing to see and we can’t wait to share the results with you. More to come soon.

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