Tech Overload For Rich Tehrani

You may hear less from me than usual over the next week as I have a new Laptop — a Dell M1530, a new desktop from Dell and a new HTC XV6800 (my old one had an unfortunate encounter with a toilet. )

I find that technology makes me productive. This is likely no surprise as I write about this topic so often. Tech allows me to communicate and work anywhere and everywhere. Admittedly I am a super-power user and I upgrade often. This comes with a price tag of lower productivity that will hopefully be made up with fast CPUs and disk drives.

The productivity hit comes from having to remember passwords and user names and the rest of the things you need to do when you get a new computing device.

My two new machines have Vista installed on them and I really hope this is not a detriment for me as I have heard both good and bad things about this OS. So far, I am not impressed with the speed of the operating system but let’s see how the next week treats me.

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