Tembo Trunks: Vuvuzela Inspired Music

Its been months since the World Cup ended but that sound of Vuvuzelas is still stuck in my head. But wouldn’t you know it – someone took the idea of the vuvuzela and came up with a concept for iPod speakers which don’t require external power. At least that’s my take on Tembo Trunks which are also collapsable and fairly unique. Tracey Schelmetic broke the news about these new speakers on TMCnet and another important point is they can amplify music up to 80 dB.

They are a project on KickStarter – a site which allows a community to fund new project ideas. There are over 500 backers and to date over $28,000 has been raised. The goal seems to have been $10,000 according to the site and there are 28 days left to pledge funds if you are interested.

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