Tesla Finally Nails it with 400 Mile Range!

For many years we have advised people in New England and other cold areas to wait for an EV with 400 miles of range if you have one vehicle or often go on long trips. For many people, range anxiety is real and the Supercharger network while good, has issues such as no immediate availability or taking too much time.

Tesla is going to have a 400 mile car according to Elon Musk – which he pronounced during a shareholder meeting yesterday.

We feel this is a game changer in cold climate for the following reason.

An EV vehicle can lose as much as 40% of its range in cold weather.

Even if it does, 240 miles is adequate for most people to get through a day – even on a long trip.

In short, this is great news for EVs.

We are now at a point where electric cars can really effectively compete with gas but – you could even argue that it is a time saver at 400 miles because you may never need to stop at a charging station again. Consider a typical driver stops at a gas station once a week or so and you realize EVs can be a huge time saver for most people.

It’s worth noting the longest range Model S gets to 360 miles today and the upcoming roadster is expected to hit an unbelievable 620 miles – but we imagine the way most people will drive them will knock this number way down.


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