TI on Communications Development

Texas Instruments makes the DSPs which perform much of the heavy lifting in communications devices we commonly use. From cell phones to VoIP gateways, TI DSPs and other processors are likely to be in in the equipment we use.

To help us understand how TI helps deliver world-class voice and other solutions, we have invited Fred Zimmerman, Director, CPE VoIP Solutions for Texas Instruments’ Communications Infrastructure & Voice Business to deliver a keynote address at the upcoming Communications Developers Conference taking place in Los Angeles at the LA Convention Center, September 16th to the 18th.

His topic will be case study focusing on the SMB market — one which is really poised for growth. Zimmerman will give a call to action to VoIP vendors selling into this market.

The SMB has unique challenges — and these extend into the infrastructure according to Fred. Zimmerman’s case study discusses a small service provider and will delves into where the rubber meets the road in SMB VoIP deployment.

Here is a podcast with Greg Galitzine which has details and both Greg and Fred do a great job.

Hope to see you at the show.

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