TMCnet breaks One Million Unique Visitors

I just landed and checked e-mail and one of the first messages I saw is that TMCnet broke one million filtered unique visitors in the month of April 2006.

I was really hoping April would be the month we reached this goal.

I have to thank you once again for visiting TMCnet and helping us achieve this goal. By the way the official number is 1,053,840.

We have two more goals. One is Alexa of 1,000 — which would put TMCnet in the top 1,000 sites in the entire world. We are currently ranked 1,387 so we are close. But it gets more and more difficult to advance as you get closer to the topmost visited site in the world. As an FYI, currently Google is 2, Yahoo is 1 and MSN is 3. The LA Times is 393 and CBS News is 833.

Our other goal is 2 million unique visitors so wish us luck, tell your colleagues about us and fellow bloggers please keep the links coming. We could not have achieved this success without you, the bloggers, the readers and of course the advertisers who support TMCnet.

None of this is possible without the dedicated team at TMC that is appreciated more than they know. This team took an obscure telecom site a few years back and transformed it into a web powerhouse, taking the entire media establishment by surprise.

The best part is — we are just getting started!

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