Training it Today

I have been in meetings all morning and am now training it into the city for a meeting. I am normally the first person to charge all my devices reliugiously but I somehow forgot to do so last night and am running short on — gasp — juice.
Which of course leads me to wonder why Metro North trains have no power outlets like their Amtrak cousins.
The funny thing is that as I finished the last sentence the New York bound train arrived and I entered it and noticed there was a plug across from me. Apparently some seats on the ends have them. This is great news for me as I get to write my little heart out all the way to the city and back.
As an aside I did a brief news report on Costco’s return policy as a video. When I saw the recording I was kind of weirded out because it didn’t seem like the style I am used to of reporting while looking and facing the camera. This is much more informal.
But I welcome your feedback. Does this sort of video work? Notice I am not scripted which I think is the best way to convey information. I have had three comments about audio quality so we will obviously improve that for the next go around.
Anyway – thanks for reading and let me know what you think of the video.

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