Trump, Obama and Other Topics I heard at ITEXPO


ITEXPO is filled with leading-edge tech visionaries and people who travel a great deal so I figured it’s worth passing along a few things I learned in Fort Lauderdale this past week.

  1. A few people were denied entry to the country to come to the show and I queried my team if it was related to our new President, Trump. The answer was shocking, the people were from the middle east and the Obama administration was in charge when they were denied entry. No one was denied under Trump, as far as I know. Of course, he hasn’t been president for a long time so this could change but…
  2. A few people I spoke with this week, who frequently come to the U.S. from Pakistan, told me they were able to enter the country more quickly this week than at any time in the past. This also surprised me because of the term “extreme vetting,” which we have heard frequently from Trump.
  3. Finally – and this last point has nothing to do with immigration… Many people I consider to be thought leaders in tech are about to switch from Macs to PCs – many of them to the Mocrosoft SurfaceBook – mine got a LOT of attention. Speaking of which…
  4. Bonus: A good friend of mine at the show told me his son now works at the Microsoft Store and for fun they go into the Apple Store and ask if they can be directed to the touchscreen laptops. They just don’t want to hear it.not-listening
  5. Double-Bonus: My semi-sarcastic post about Apple adding touch but not really, to their laptops may be worth a read. 


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