Greenfield Tech Has big news @ITEXPO


Greenfield Tech had a skew of news at ITEXPO 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Eric Klein and Nir Simionovich explained how the company has evolved their Cloudonix platform to be a Swiss Army Knife for telecom, consisting of media services, subscriber services and a SIP registrar layer.

One of the more interesting features is a backend cloud service and secure mobile SDK providing an end-to-end encrypted solution allowing companies to have secure conversations with customers. The idea is the communications within an app to a call center can be far more secure than the system we use today which has a number of issues.

For example, when a caller calls for help, their is no way to know for sure the caller is really who you might think as it is fairly easy to get access to personally identifiable information like social security numbers and maiden names, etc. Likewise, when a bank calls a customer, there is no way to know for sure it is the bank calling. You could Google the the phone number to verify it but that isn’t always easy to do in a timely manner.

Moreover, the PSTN can be tapped, hacked, etc.

Nir and Eric tell me their solution has been in development for three years and can function as the mobile device jumps from LTE to WiFi and back as well as “40% packet-loss” environments.

The solution is really full of features – think of it as a fully customizable product. It has been used to augment a feature server – allowing a carrier to augment its number of users without paying high licensing fees to a company enabling softswitch features.

It can also handle challenges posed by compliance such as storing voicemails in multiple locations.

Best of all, may be pricing which works on concurrent available paths of 100, 250, 500 and then increments of 250. There is some percentage of forgiveness they tell me, if you aren’t over 10% on a regular basis for example. Pricing starts at $2,500/month. Competing solutions could be far more expensive as they have different billing models.

These gentlemen are quite knowledgeable and they will be speaking at ITEXPO a great deal this week so feel free to visit their sessions (paid registration may be required). Their site has some details or you can search the ITEXPO speaker list if you prefer.

Hope to see you this week in Fort Lauderdale at ITEXPO.

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