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I had a discussion with my marketing department today. They are about to let the world know that there are still unbelievable deals on airlines and hotels to go to Florida for the Internet Telephony Show next week in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We often have internal discussions about VoIP conferences. So many of them lead with price. In other words they push the discount instead of the quality of the conference.

Perhaps this isnt so stupid. Wal-Mart does the same thing. Then again, people don’t really associate Wal-Mart with the best quality.

Still, the pushing discounts strategy is commonplace and something to date that we at TMC have shied away from. ITEXPO already has competitive pricing but we feel it is more important to tell conferees they will get the best education in the world when it comes to VoIP and we back it up with a conference guarantee – something no other VoIP conference has yet dare match.

We have the best conference. Bar none. That is our position. If you can’t learn it here at ITEXPO, you can’t learn it anywhere. After all, TMC has been putting on telecom conferences for over 20 years!

Still, my marketing department can be quite persuasive and even though I am not a fan of messages that don’t stress the show value first, I realize that attendees are still signing up by the thousand from around the world and they have to get to the show one way or another. So without delay, here is the famous e-mail:


You still have time to reserve very affordable (downright cheap in some cases) flights down to South Florida for next week’s INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO East 2006.

Here in Connecticut, winter returned with a vengeance this weekend. I can’t wait to get to Ft. Lauderdale for the first VoIP event of 2006.

Here are some sample fares to Ft. Lauderdale that I found on the American Airlines Web site:

Departure City:
Boston, Chicago or New York: $138 round trip
Washington, DC: $98
Pittsburgh: $166
Philadelphia: $168
Minneapolis: $241.50
Nashville: $253
Cleveland: $242.50

Some fares from other carriers include:
Raleigh, NC: $168
Charlotte, NC: $236
Atlanta: $268
Montreal: $293
Toronto: $312

Since you can register to attend the exhibits, networking receptions and keynotes for free, and the Ft. Lauderdale area has literally hundreds of affordable hotels within a few miles of the convention center, there is no reason not to take a few days next week to come down to the show.

Register for your free VIP pass for unlimited access to the exhibit hall, all keynotes, all networking receptions and all general sessions now:


Each day at INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO is filled with a remarkable lineup of keynotes, breakout sessions, general sessions, workshops and networking opportunities.

Whether you are a service provider, reseller or manufacturer in the VoIP Industry, or an enterprise, SMB or government agency seeking solutions, I am confident you will find more answers to your VoIP questions at this event than at any other tech conference this year. INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO is truly the world’s largest VoIP marketplace.

I encourage you to visit www.itexpo.com now to review detailed descriptions of everything happening at the conference and to quickly and easily register.

You can also download a PDF of the agenda here: http://images.tmcnet.com/expo/voip-06/art/itexpo-east06grid.pdf.

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