Obviously getting into the VoIP provider space is a tough proposition with all the competition out there. An interesting approach to entering the space is to partner with other providers. Certainly this is not a totally new concept but I thought it was impressive to hear Voxalot allows connectivity to 2,000 other SIP service providers.
I wonder if the next logical step in service provider evolution is to do what the banks did when ATMs became popular. As you may recall, in the early days you could only use an ATM card at your own bank. Over time, networks of ATMs developed such as the Plus System — allowing you to withdraw money from a larger number of machines.
Nowadays you don’t even think when you go to an ATM machine. There is a good chance the machine you pick will accept your card.
For more, be sure to read Voxalot Unveils VoxPremium by TMCnet’s Meenakshi Shanks.

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