VPF Summer 2008: Where Telecom is Headed Panel

This session is fairly interesting as it has to do with where telecom is headed. Gary Kim kicked it off and was followed by Claire Paponneau the excutive VP of Orange Business Services who handed it over to Pete Pattullo the President and CEO of NetworkIP, the company behind Jaduka.

Mario Rojas from Digicel, Dan MacNeil from XO and Mike Lee from Rogers rounded out the program.

This was an interesting panel with no single clear message but what it did was allow the audience to ask numerous questions which were answered by these telecom experts. Perhaps most interesting was question from the audience asking why broadband and triple play services in Europe cost so much less than they do in the US. Shortly after this question, Gary Kim asked the audience if they feel their broadband services are fairly priced. No one raised their hand. He then asked if the audience thought it was being overcharged. Again, no one rose their hands. He then said there must be a third option I can’t think of. We laughed.

I am left wondering how we are supposed to know if we are being overcharged. This is actually a great question and wouldn’t a gauge of how well we are doing as a country (from a broadband perspective) be the amount of bandwidth we get per dollar spent? I have discussed this before but can’t find the appropriate link as I have to run as I am doing video interviews which start now.

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