Wearable Tech Expo 2014 Kicking off in NYC

My team is at the Jacob Javits Center setting up for Wearable Tech Expo 2014 which will take place Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Today, the Fitness and Sports Technology (FAST) event will take place. Here is a photo of some of our team, important links and a schedule which gives you an idea of what is happening. Hope to see you here. Oh, I am moderating the headmonted wearables session at 4:00 pm on Thursday… You won’t want to miss it. smiley-laughing


Important Links

 FAST  Wearable Tech Expo  Wearable Tech Expo


Tuesday, June 22:

11:00am – 8:00pm: Registration

1:00pm: Pivothead Keynote

1:30pm: adidas Keynote

2:00 – 3:30pm: Conference Sessions

3:30pm: Visit Exhibit Tables

4:00 – 6:15pm: Conference Sessions

6:15pm: United States Olympic Committee Keynote

6:45pm: Deloitte Networking Reception, Visit Exhibit Tables

Wednesday, June 23:

9:00am9:15pm: Registration

9:55am: Opening Remarks

10:00am: Keynote

10:30am: Deloitte Keynote

11:00 – 11:45am: Conference Sessions

11:45am: dciArtform Keynote

12:15 –1:00pm: Conference Sessions

1:00pm: Lunch break, Visit Exhibit Tables

2:00 – 2:45pm: Conference Sessions

2:45 – 4:15pm: Wearable Tech Demos

4:15pm: Networking Reception, Visit Exhibit Tables

5:15 – 9:15pm: I Am Digital: Sound Clash – Future of Music Symposium (Keynotes, Demos), Visit Exhibit Tables

Thursday, June 24:

8:00am – 5:00pm: Registration
8:30 Wearable Computing Ecosystem
9:00am: Qualcomm Keynote

9:30am: Pivothead Keynote

9:30 – 10:30am: Wearable Tech Demos

9:30am: Vuzix Keynote

10:30am: Consumer Electronics Association Keynote

11:00 – 11:45am: Conference Sessions

11:45am: Motorola Solutions Keynote

12:15pm: Lunch break, Visit Exhibit Tables

1:30 – 3:00pm: Conference sessions

3:00pm: Break, Visit Exhibit Tables

4:00 – 5:30pm: Conference Sessions

5:30pm: Closing Remarks & Giveaways



  • FAST
    Pivothead: Chris Cox – Founder and President
    adidas Wearable Sports Electronics: Qaizar Hassonjee – VP, Innovation
    United States Olympic Committee: Mounir Zok – Senior Sports Technologist
  • Wearable Tech Expo
    Pebble: Myriam Joire – Chief Product Evangelist
    Deloitte: Joe Fitzgerald – Senior Manager
    dciArtform: Robin Shea – Sr. Strategist – Consumer Electronics
    Qualcomm: Rob Chandhok – Senior Vice President, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. President, Qualcomm Interactive Platforms
    Pivothead: Christopher Cox – Founder and President
    CEA: Shawn DuBravac – Chief Economist and Senior Director of Research
  • I Am Digital Sound Clash at Wearable Tech Expo
    Machina: Linda Franco – Co-Founder
    Moondial: Dr. Sabine Seymour – Innovator, Author & Trend Setting
    Naughty By Nature: Vincent Brown – Grammy Award Winning Artist, Activist, Host and MC
    Nooka: Matthew Waldman – CEO
    Stellé Audio®: Anna Perelman – CEO & Co-Founder of Stellé Audio®


If you paid for your conference pass – the conference sessions are included in your registration. If you registered for free – you can attend the keynotes and networking events, but it does not include the sessions. You can upgrade your pass to include the sessions. Below is a breakdown of the topics for the 3-day event.


  • Training the Data: From Gym to Screen
    With the wealth of sensors and wearable products in development, the data available for mining and analysis is more than abundant. This session looks at not only sensor development, but the types of data they are able to collect and deliver to applications that will parse that data into actionable information to create wearable systems for safety, training, and personal fitness and wellness.
  • The New Home Field Advantage Part I (The Player)
    While many organizations are starting to use wearable tech to improve team results, individual athletes are also looking at biometric data to finetune their own workouts and increase their own performance. This session looks at how today’s top athletes are able to differentiate themselves by combining technology with their natural physical ability.
  • The New Home Field Advantage Part 2 (The Team)
    Sports organizations are among the first to look at how to leverage wearable tech for competitive advantage. This session discusses the specific data that coaches and trainers have at their disposal and how they can leverage that information to create onfield advantages on a teamlevel, as well as how they have finetuned training to maximize data collection.
  • Everyday Health
    A massive market exists in the consumer fitness and wellness market, as countless individuals are already starting leverage existing apps and wearable devices to monitor and improve their personal health and workout regimens. This session will look at the current personal wellness market, and opportunities for new products and features to further drive a healthconsciousness among consumers. The discussion will include opportunities for health clubs, schools and other organizations to leverage wearables and data to raise awareness of personal fitness.
  • Making Wearables Fit
    With wearable sports and fitness technology on a trajectory for rapid adoption on both personal and organizational levels, one of the keys to successful product design is the materials in which these sensors are embedded. This session will discuss various factors involved in FAST product design, from comfort to style, including differences in sensor effectiveness among different wearable product and material types.


  • Why Wearable Tech is a $50 Billion Market
    There’s little debate over whether wearable tech has a future – the greater debate is how big is its potential. This panel discussion will focus on what wearables offer that has generated so much interest and what users expect from their wearable devices that will continue to drive innovation in the space.
  • The Business of Wearables
    The mobile revolution has spawned countless new businesses, products and services, each looking to become the next $19 billion dollar acquisition. Yet, few will even make it into a second year of existence. What innovators, entrepreneurs and even users all want to know is what does it take to win in this competitive startup environment? We have brought together a panel from the financial sector to answer the questions every wearable tech company wants to know.
  • Wearables @ Work
    Despite the impact of wearables in the consumer market, the business sector is an obvious target for many wearable tech vendors. This panel of wearable tech experts will look at what enterprise markets are ripe for wearables and how wearable tech will prove its worth in business processes.
  • It’s not the Device, It’s the Data: Creating Effective Wearables
    Ultimately, success of wearable tech products will be entirely dependent upon their use cases: how do they collect data and turn it into something actionable for users? This panel of wearable technologists will discuss the nature of the underlying technology that underpins the success of the wearable tech market. From sensors to wireless connectivity to applications, what are the keys to making wearable devices work?
  • Looks are Everything: Design and Fashion in Wearable Tech
    Without a doubt fashion is one of the cornerstones of Wearable Technology. In many ways fashion has been a driving force behind a variety of WT technologies, especially relative to smart cloth and how devices and sensors interact with and become a part of the “fashion” itself. WT fashion pioneer and thought leader Syuzi Pakhchyan will take us into tomorrow’s world – where WT fashion will go and why.
  • Wrist Reform: The Smart Watch Dilemma
    This panel brings together smart watch pioneers to discuss why the smart watch has as the same time been one of the early front runners in gauging wearables success, yet still lacking in terms of desired adoption and why the wrist will, in fact, prove to be the dominant wearable real estate. Do smart watches have to pull back on tech and add more traditional design to be successful? What’s the ideal price point for mass adoption? What’s the desired connectivity model, standalone wireless device or phone-dependent?
  • Do You See What I See: Head-mounted Wearables
    Thanks to Google, head- and eyewear may be the most heavily discussed wearable tech segment. It may also have the broadest implications in terms of use cases, from personal communication to broadcasting to customer service to gaming, and much more. This panel will discuss the implications of head-mounted wearables and forward-looking opportunities for this market. Will this be a niche market or eventually become a mass-market technology?
  • Living with Augmented Reality
    Augmented Reality will change the way we experience technology and, indeed, the world around us. By using an array of advanced motion sensors to intelligently interpret location, position, and context, AR can visually enrich real-world experiences with timely and useful information. This panel will explore the role of AR in our lives, from education to social media, gaming and beyond.

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