What The Peep (Wireless) is Going On?

A company which claims to do the impossible. What can’t this thing do?

I love to hear aggressive new companies break onto the scene full on huge ambitions but the recent news that Peep Wireless will be able to take a smartphone or telematics-based bluetooth system and use software to recreate the PSTN has me baffled just a bit. OK, baffled a lot. It seems impossible really.

As TMCnet reported earlier today, the wireless company will allow all sorts of devices to interconnect in a repercussive, P2P fashion to form a Peep mesh which will use WiFi, bluetooth, optical, GSM, CDMA or walkie-talkie channels in a manner which will allow a few users in a city to call the entire world for free.

OK, looks like if you have a job in telecom, now may be a good time to start working on that resume.

Yes, disruptive tech is awesome and can change the world overnight – but we seem to be in everything including the kitchen sink territory.

The company further states that their app turns every phone into a client/server viral transmitter/receiver. Those phones, in turn, capture every device with bluetooth, WiFi or other spectrum points and cause the Peep Mesh to grow and grow and grow around the world.

All this and a data spraying technique which duplicates transmissions allowing the fastest segments to be used and the others discarded. And of course there is AES encryption and the company claims no cell towers are needed.

Look, if this thing works as advertised the entire telecom space will be turned on its head but it is worth noting that you should have some salt on-hand as you digest the company’s marketing information.

A call to the company for more information was not immediately returned and sending a message to the company via its online form was not an easy task.

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