What Toshiba is Doing Right

Wow! A while back I commented that Toshiba’s products were not very well known in the telecom space. This is an excerpt from that blog entry:
My point is the company is well-known in computing but virtually unknown in communications. What if they installed soft client telephony applications on all their computers and devices? And in addition what if these devices worked with a Toshiba-powered hosted communications system? Companies could pay for premium services and over time migrate to CPE Toshiba equipment that worked with the same software already on the devices.
Of course this is just a thought but it is a great way to use a strong brand in computing to bolster a lesser known product line. I certainly can’t see this strategy hurting the company in any way and they have much to gain if it is successful.
Yesterday I was researching the Toshiba battery breakthrough known as SCiB and when I went to the Toshiba home page and there was a Flash graphic at the top that cycled through many of the Toshiba products. Guess what… The primary focus of these graphics was telecom.
It was basically, VoIP, VoIP, VoIP. Amazing. This is very encouraging and I have no idea if this Flash animation is new – in response to my comments or has been there for months. All I can say is that this is a fantastic way to generate awareness for Toshiba’s telecom systems.

By the way, Toshiba gets a tremendous amount of web traffic. In the US alone, Quantcast pegs their monthly unique visitors at 795,584. Alexa ranks the site in the top 4,667 in the world.
I have to give the company high marks for utilizing a strong asset – their very popular website, to generate much more awareness for the company’s telecom systems.
Although this move isn’t what I suggested it is in the same spirit. The company IS leveraging its very strong IT product portfolio via its website to promote its telecom systems. Smart move.

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