Why Professionals Say to Avoid Nest

Nest thermostats look gorgeous but if your equipment isn’t compatible, you are in for a lot of trouble setting up your thermostats. Having a 50-year-old home with AC and baseboard heat has made it difficult to get these devices to work properly.

Nest’s tech support is good. We should know, we have spent hours on the phone with them to get the air conditioning working. A few months later, we learned the heat was not working properly at 3 am when we awoke to a home which was less than sixty degrees while air conditioning was being called for by the thermostat.

Thankfully, we were able to shut it down from our phone in bed. We later realized if we removed the orange wire, the system did recognize how to turn on our heat. But, we will have to reattach the orange wire in the spring to get air conditioning to work.

Having devoted too many hours in the Nest project, we were about to give up but the company told us to hire a professional who can help us. This conversation was about yet another thermostat that didn’t call for heat at all. $150 later, we have a new common wire which has solved the problem.

Our installer told us he likes Honeywell better than Nest. We asked why and he explained because its a thermostat. He went on to say the Nest is a computer and its one size fits all while Honeywell has specific models depending on the circumstances of the customer.

Interestingly, the family loves the Nest because it is gorgeous and we have received numerous compliments about how good the units look from guests. Still, spending hours on the phone to get it working right and having to hire people to come install wires should be a deal-breaker for many of you who don’t have the latest homes.

If you read the tech media, much of this will be hidden from you. It’s an important warning to be aware of before you go through the tedious process of removing your old thermostats.

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