Xceed Looks to Boost Wireless Test Productivity

A major challenge for wireless operators is managing their networks in a cost-effective manner and one company looking to help with the challenge is Xceed Technologies. I spoke with Bary Azmi CEO & President and Asokan Sethu CTO (pictured right-to-left) of the company to learn more about how their Xynergy Correlation Platform helps carriers.

The pair explained that they take any drive-test equipment data and make it visual and actionable, allowing for business and marketing strategies to be more easily developed. Moreover, the company touts its goal of ensuring the data is seamless across engineering and marketing, allowing these departments to “speak the same language.”

According to the company, a large OEM took the company’s Xynergy platform and used it to have cross-continental workflow management with up to two petabytes per-day being analyzed. The goal being to determine customer issues rapidly so as to resolve them in a timely manner.

The company’s core philosophy according to Azmi is to provide a platform addressing every aspect of the wireless network lifecycle by integrating any type of data into one platform using Xceed’s proprietary correlation algorithm which provides actionable and customizable resuts.

A big differentiatior touted by one of the company’s customers who I met with at MWC 2014 was their RDL or rule development language based on .NET and C# which allows carriers to to add and/or modify the company’s systems while adding analytics. In this way, a carrier can customize the system in a proprietary manner and own the resluting solution.

In one example, a customer was able to take large data sets and create hundreds of rules which sifted through the data in near-real-time to determine if there was a problem with the network. Moreover, with tight coupling between customer experience and network performance, the carrier was able to reduce the time to determine issues which needed resolving.

Sethu explained the solution works across equipment vendors and technologies. Coninuing, he said, “It’s a huge value statement to have one vendor working with them all.”

In another example, a client wanted to apply a technology across the US which would have required 40 engineers and millions of dollars over six months. Xceed worked with the operator to automate the solution within 4 weeks – while reducing engineer headcount to five. Moreover, the process was consistent and repeatable with objective reports that didn’t vary based on engineer subjectivity.

In recent news, the company upgraded its Customer Experience module allowing the customer experience OSS/BSS and RAN data to be seen cohesively to more rapidly determine network issues.

With the growth of wireless networks continuing unabated network issues contributing to churn, a solution like Xceed’s which minimizes headcount and automates testing efficiency could quickly pay for itself.


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