Yahoo! to Layoff Hundreds

As successful as Yahoo! is in terms of traffic generation, it is amazing as an outsider to witness the company has not been able to grow revenue effectively. Yahoo! has shown us that there can be a disconnect between eyeballs and dollar bills.

Unfortunately this lack of revenue growth will now lead to layoffs at the company. This is too bad as Yahoo! provides many valuable services.

Unfortunately for the company, it is in a slugfest with Google and Google is investing is rolling out and improving many of the services Yahoo! now provides. Gmail for example is one of the applications which has cut into Yahoo’s market share over the past years.

I give a tremendous amount of credit to TechCrunch who broke this story but was careful in how they did it. The cited layoffs which could turn into more. Excerpt:

In a move that could be a hint of things to come, Yahoo told a group of about 30 or so employees yesterday that their jobs would be terminated in 60 days, and that they could look for other jobs within Yahoo.

 Now the AP tells us these layoffs are likely for real. perhaps this is good news for the company in the long run as it is certainly in a rut and needs to break out of it.

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