IBM’s Unified Communications Predictions

I have had over two dozen meetings with companies in the communications space these past two weeks and it is my sincere goal to be able to share the most important parts of each meeting with you. In the mean time, I am happy to say that in many cases, there are other TMC writers who are covering some of the news I plan to cover but from their own point of view.

What did catch my eye today was an article from Greg Galitzine about IBM’s Mike Rhodin’s predictions regarding UC trends. Rhodin thinks the virtual workplace will become the rule and real-time collaboration tools will soon bypass e-mail in importance. In the same article there is a reference to an IDC report which says the unified communications market will reach $17 billion in 2011, growing 38% compounded since 2007.

Although I haven’t read this report I have to wonder if this includes the consulting/SI side of the business. From what I hear, there is tremendous money being made in this area as UC transforms companies and morphs enables communications enabled business processes or CEBP.

Here is a link to TMCnet’s VoiceCon news and here is a list of all articles written by the TMC. team.

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