Riverbed Launches Cloud-Based Application Acceleration Solutions For Microsoft Collaboration and Video Applications

Microsoft Teams growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. At the end of April it grew 70 percent to 75 million daily active users.

They always say Version 3 is when Microsoft gets it right. In this case, Teams is sort of the grown-up version of Microsoft’s IP communications ambitions which started with NetMeeting in the 1990s. From there, the company came out with LCS, OCS, Lync, Skype for Business and somewhere in there they launched an SMB phone system called ResponsePoint. So teams is really version 6 or so.

Every company wants to get in on this growth by adding functionality to this 25-year-old, runaway success.

This is why Riverbed has added new cloud-based offerings into its arsenal of Riverbed Application Acceleration Solutions, all specifically built to help significantly accelerate and provide a consistent user experience for leading Microsoft collaboration, productivity and video streaming applications. As companies continue to provide broader flexibility for employees to work from anywhere, organizations can run Riverbed’s SaaS offerings to optimize performance and productivity for leading SaaS apps across multiple office locations and for remote users regardless of location, bandwidth or latency.

Profile photo of Dante Malagrinò
Dante Malagrino, Chief Development Officer at Riverbed

“With the overwhelming industry shift to SaaS applications and expected growth in hybrid work environments long-term even after COVID-19, there is a surge in enterprises using collaboration suites such as Microsoft O365 and leveraging video communications with Microsoft Teams and Stream for global employee engagement and collaboration. While these tools help companies to quickly scale and connect workforces that may be working from anywhere, in or outside the office, the value enterprises are able to achieve from these SaaS investments can be limited by the networks that connect us,” said Dante Malagrino, Chief Development Officer at Riverbed. “Riverbed’s Application Acceleration Solutions are flexible to suit the varying needs of today’s enterprises, and can be deployed immediately to augment the most popular Microsoft application suites and relieve the IT pain and productivity slowdowns caused by network latency, data congestion and overall connectivity.”

The latest release of SaaS Accelerator provides new support for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Stream live events and on-demand video, delivering increased performance for the best experience for users in any office, accessing video from any device. SaaS Accelerator eliminates the networking headaches inherent with corporate video communications with an enterprise-class SD-eCDN that can be deployed in minutes, reducing up to 99 percent of video data from corporate networks, enhancing the overall user experience. The SaaS Accelerator Manager (SAM) delivers comprehensive analytics for network teams and event owners, including bandwidth savings, quality of experience, reach, viewing duration and more.

Riverbed SaaS Accelerator, now a fully cloud-based service, enables enterprises to ensure fast, consistent performance and user experience as demand for always-available enterprise SaaS applications continues to grow, and now scales to meet the needs of the largest enterprises in the world to support 50,000 concurrent users per accelerated app. In addition to adding new support for Microsoft Teams and Stream, SaaS Accelerator now also supports Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Additionally, Riverbed SaaS Accelerator continues to accelerate and boost the performance by up to 10x of other top enterprise collaboration applications: including Microsoft O365 apps–SharePoint, Exchange, Office WebApps; Salesforce; ServiceNow; Box and Veeva; and also integrates with any Riverbed client or branch endpoint for mobile and branch employees. Lab and real-world testing have also continuously shown up to a 99 percent data reduction for global file sharing with Microsoft applications such as SharePoint and OneDrive to maximize network efficiency.

Profile photo of David Totten
David Totten, CTO, US One Commercial Partner Microsoft

“Over the last several years, we’ve seen a significant increase in customers moving to the cloud, leveraging Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams and Stream to enhance collaboration and drive business outcomes,” said David Totten, CTO, US One Commercial Partner Microsoft. “Since networks that connect the cloud to users can be unpredictable at times, having solutions to address network complexity can greatly enhance the user experience. As a long-time partner to Riverbed, we’re pleased to see their new cloud-based application acceleration services support Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams and Stream, helping to eliminate network challenges and boost performance, allowing enterprises to reap the full benefit of critical SaaS investments.”

The new Riverbed Accelerator for O365 is an end-to-end cloud service that maximizes Microsoft O365 performance for dynamic, global workforces and can be deployed in an instant without any hardware or endpoints. For enterprise application and end-user services teams supporting strong usage of Microsoft O365 for file sharing across mobile workforces, this frictionless SaaS offering integrates acceleration for SharePoint, OneDrive and Office WebApps with a mobile client and can be deployed instantly anywhere in the world, making it simple and scalable solution.

In Summary:

  • Riverbed’s new Accelerator for Office 365 and SaaS Accelerator 1.2, two cloud-based solutions that eliminate network impediments impacting the performance of Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics CRM, and delivers easy-to-deploy eCDN for Microsoft Teams and Stream live events and on-demand video
  • New acceleration solutions provide up to 10x performance increase of Office 365, mitigating network latency and improving productivity for the largest and farthest-reaching enterprises and mobile workforces

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