Spectralink Versity Smartphone Receives Android Enterprise Recommended Certification

Pretty big news – Spectralink’s Versity enterprise smartphone is Android Enterprise Recommended for both rugged and knowledge worker mobile devices. The Android Enterprise Recommended program makes it easier for organizations to select, deploy, and manage enterprise devices and services by ensuring they measure up to the program’s strict standards. Google validated Spectralink’s Versity due to its tough enterprise feature set, meeting the rigorous requirements of it’s Android Enterprise Recommended testing program.

“Today’s mobile workforces need access to secure, real-time data and communications to provide exceptional patient care, superior in-store customer experience, and greater efficiencies in manufacturing and hospitality,” said Spectralink Chief Executive Officer Doug Werking. “Versity is the best-in-class solution to consistently enable these capabilities and drive excellence in the workplace.”

The Spectralink Versity smartphone delivers:

  • Google certification for Android 8.1 OS
  • One of the most secure mobile platforms in the industry
  • Timely support of ongoing software and security updates
  • Zero-touch enrollment for seamless, large-scale deployment
  • Exceptional durability and IP68 rated to address dust, water, dirt, and chemical-exposure in the harshest of environments
  • Reinforced frame, drop tested 78 1.5m on steel plate

Spectralink is leveraging their experience and existing technologies in on-premises devices to make a manageable, deployable enterprise mobile phone that provides seamless on/off premises connectivity.
Combining a manageable device, on premises SIP, off-premises 4G, and Android apps is the right thing for enterprise phones.

Zigurd Mednieks, Author of Programming Android and consultant

On the one hand – consumer phones are gaining new features at a rapid rate – often eclipsing what is available in the enterprise. On the other, the Android for Enterprise certification program is a good one because it shows devices are more stable, will have software patches – cybersecurity problems solved, etc.

Spectralink has been one of the oldest companies in the enterprise wireless phone space and this news is good for them as Android is the future – and Enterprise Android is their target market. After all, as of today, even Microsoft acknowledged they need Android to power their mobile devices.

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