Telepresence seems to be taking the high-end of the enterprise market by storm but for the lower end of the market telepresence is out of reach. For this group of companies simple videoconferencing is likely what you will use. But before you mortgage your house to get into HD videoconferencing at every endpoint or purchase a telepresence system, you may want to consider a more cost-effective alternative.
Codian has developed a technology called ClearVision which takes a traditional videoconferencing signal and improves it up to 4x. I had a chance to see the product in action as part of the company’s MCU 4500 and the video improvement is substantial.
The system allows you to mix, high, standard and enhanced video signals on a single conference call.
William MacDonald who is the Chief Strategy Officer for Codian tells me the company’s solution is a notch below the quality of telepresence and I tend to agree. The cost as you might expect is less than a typical telepresence solution as well and I suggest you give the company a call if you are looking for high quality video conferencing without the champagne wallet typically associated with such solutions.

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