Avatars: The Cursor in Communications 2.0

One of the people with a long history in the communications space is Neal Shact (pictured) — CEO of Communitech Services. In the past, Shacht has been a distributor in the headset market and has been early in many new markets such as VoIP, call centers and others.

Shact points out it is impossible for customers to know what they want in UC. He mentions the old story that Henry Ford once said people when asked what they wanted in transportation said, a faster horse.

His point: you need a communications roadmap. Don’t rely exclusively on your UC vendor to dictate what you want and need.

You want to check out this podcast as it is rife with references outside communications — and the tie-ins are fascinating. In addition, he has a way of bringing tech and communications together.

I truly hope you enjoy it.

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