ActionTec and Skype

I was at the water cooler today – sounds like such a cliché, and Tom Keating asked me if I read his ActionTec Skype review. I explained to Tom that I am struggling to catch up with e-mail from just today. Tom laughed and nodded as if he understood.

I felt a bit guilty. Tom is an awesome reviewer and wouldn’t tell me to see his review unless it was important. After all, Tom has been reviewing VoIP products since 1996 or so. I finally had a chance to check the web and the review is incredible.

ActionTec has an ATA that works with Skype. For those of you interested in using Skype with landline phones this is the answer you have been seeking.

In the review, Tom says Skype is working on a standalone box that will be an ATA that doesn’t need a computer. This device alone will change the course of VoIP forever in  my opinion. I am not sure how other providers will react but it will fundamentally change how we view VoIP.

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