Airplane Cell Phones

We are living in a converged world and I am just a converged guy. "The last thing most air passengers want is to be forced to listen to their neighbor chat on their cell phone about their ailments, their dating problems, the latest reality TV show or up-to-the-minute estimates of time of arrival," says Rep. John Mica, chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure’s subcommittee on aviation. Today his panel was discussing whether we should have cell phones on flights. Perhaps Blackberries should be allowed but not phones was one of the discussion points. What I wonder is whether the term VoIP is coming up in these meetings. In other words, giving us Internet access on planes means that some of us will use VoIP. Can we stop people from doing so? Probably we can. On the train in the Metro-North NYC area you aren’t really supposed to talk at your seat but instead go to a designated talking area.

The solution? In my opinion we need a business section or a talking section and a non talking section on planes. Noise canceling phones/headsets will be needed to converse effectively. So the old smoking sections will become talking sections.

That is the only way I see this playing out.

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