Amazing Show Day

Today has been an amazing day for me.

I have met so many people looking to deploy VoIP. Some service providers some resellers. I have seen a variety of people in all different markets.

Carly Fiorina did a great job today. I heard nothing but good things about her talk and it was great to meet her in person.

I understand master VoIP bogger Tom Keating reworked my blog today and it now looks as good as his.

I think in addition I may now have the hang of blogging by Blackberry. My prior posts had spacing issues but I may have solved the problem. The funny thing is that I blog but can’t see how my entries look as there is no time to go online.

Why? Because this place is packed. A literal madhouse. I expect tomorrow to be even better and I am looking forward to hearing Michael Powell speak.

The question of broadband regulation came up over and over today and Mr. Powell will hopefully address this issue in the morning.

Jim Pickerel (sp?) From Brand X Internet is speaking at 7:30 am at breakfast tomorrow and I can’t wait to meet him. His supreme court case will be in the history books. All in all this is a great show and the TMC team tells me some photos are on already.

I hope to see you here this week!

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