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Niklas Zennstrom says his company is the only major player in VoIP that started with and is focused on VoIP. He also mentioned that eBay engineers are helping his company grow.

He works with equipment providers to help provide end to end quality. Niklas mentioned there is a Skype certification program and he sees the Skype ecosystem as growing nicely.

Polycom is a new partner announced today. Linksys is another partner that was announced recently. There are 1,000 developers on Skype now. Some innovations are recording systems for podcasting for example.

Lots of CRM companies are integrating Skype. There are over 10K affiliates earning money with Skype. They are opening the payment system so you can buy software and ringtones through Skype. There is also a voice content play. You can develop apps for Skype users.

Providers can decide if these are free or paid services. He also mentioned the launch of Skype Groups. Interestingly 30% of users are now business people. Many users use Skype for the online presence features. They also like call forwarding and file transfer. International calling is a another big business use.

Skype Groups uses desktop Skype but adds administrative control with central Skype Out, In and Forwarding credits. You can use PayPal or credit cards for this service.

Another interesting point is that 70% of users use a dedicated headset. 30% of users have put Skype address or Skype In numbers on business cards. Plantronics is a major partner and sells Skype enabled headsets. Niklas has great things to say about them. is a partner as well and they integrate Skype links into CRM system. Web integration is an area of focus and web APIs will soon be available so you know when people are online. Pamela Systems focuses on recording solutions. This room has hundreds of people in it and is standing room only! Hope to see you at this packed ITEXPO show. Wow!

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