Another Net Neutrality Article

There isn’t too much that is new in this Net Neutrality article but it does give a good summary of what is happening and assembles some good quotes in a single place so you can see what high profile people are saying about the matter.

If advocates of an open Internet have reason to be concerned it is because of comments such as the following from Bob Goodlatte a Virginia Republican, “Such a law could also discourage broadband providers from improving their networks.” This comment was in reference to a new Net Neutrality law.

By this very same resonating , broadband providers could easily say that Google and other content providers are causing undo levels of network congestion and subsequently not allow their customers to access Google. They could point to the fact that consumers spend 30% of their time on Google and subsequently this is a tremendous burden on their systems.

One has to wonder why consumers are paying for DSL or cable modem service if this amount of money doesn’t not cover the cost of providing service. Is this whacky or what? The cable and DSL companies could price their service any way they want and they decided to price it in such a way that it doesn’t cover their costs and now they have to go after content providers?

The whole situation seems out of whack and lawmakers who buy such arguments should question the motives of underpricing broadband service so they can extort money form content providers.

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