At the Police Station

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I must have blogged about my wife’s pink "Barbie" phone from Motorola. Well it turns out that she lost it and thankfully has insurance on it. This of course means in order to get a replacement phone we need a police report. The phone is in my name so here I am at the local police department. The girl behind the desk almost laughed when I told her I was here to report a lost phone – certainly the concept of CRM is not discussed here too often.

She then told me to have a seat. Well the seat is right by the door so an army of policemen have been passing me by looking at me suspiciously – like why is this geek typing on his phone? Did he break a grammar law or something?

Anyway while I love what policemen do to keep us safe but I would rather thank them with a donation to some police charity and go home and spend time with my family. It is a holiday weekend and this place is getting pretty lonely. I think I would even prefer shopping to this torture. Can’t they have a website for this?

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