At the Voice Peering Forum

I am here at the Voice Peering Forum in LA. Things seem to be going well. I have met a bunch of old friends and a few new people. I worked on my presentation early this morning as I am still kind of on EST. I am trying a new PowerPoint format devoid of fancy graphics. The goal is to have the audience focus on me and what I am saying, not the screen. Hopefully this will go as well as I like. There will be no bullets, just topics flying across the screen.
One of the reasons speakers use bullets on slides is that it reminds them what to say. What I have done is eliminate bullets —  which means I need to be able to roll through the whole presentation without the crutch of reminders.
This should be a no brainer f you know your material. The trouble is when you are on a stage sometimes your mouth and brain don’t communicate as effectively as they could. Call it presentation latency and jitter. There needs to be better presentation QoS. 😉

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