AT&T on VoIP

What is AT&T’s take on VoIP? Well nowadays they embrace it wholeheartedly. In fact they see VoIP as an integral part of their success going forward. They want to the be the enterprise VoIP service of choice. Did you know virtually all of AT&T’s employees use MPLS-enabled VoIP today? Neither did I.
The company has a white paper on VoIP I thought you would be interested in because as you know making informed decisions requires educating yourself. Part of the white paper is a table explaining how to deploy VoIP depending on your individual requirements such as a greenfield environment or new one.
Educating the market on communications and technology is what TMC does — this is why we have been building the best whitepaper library in the business.
I suggest you read all the white papers that apply to your situation. There are some real gems in here.

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