Blackberry Saga Continues

The saga that is the NTP versus Rim case may soon be (hopefully) coming to an end. The judge is impatient with the case and it seems that the pendulum is swinging ever so slowly back to RIM’s side. In addition it seems that the Judge won’t want to order a shutdown of the service – even if government workers are excluded. The reason is that it may be impossible to ascertain who the government workers are.

The irony here is that this assumes that government workers have a greater need to access immediate information than a typical Blackberry user. Perhaps the US military can make such a claim as can law enforcement agencies but I wonder if it is fair to lump all government workers into a bucket that is collectively weighed as more important than every business user.

Ahh, but I digress. The foremost Blackberry expert I know is Russell Shaw and he says today is not a day to rejoice.

Who is right? Who is wrong? Oh I don’t know but what I do know is I wouldn’t mind a brief Blackberry vacation. I wonder if other Crackberry users feel like me. Maybe I’ll finally have some free time to pick up a book.

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