BlueNote Networks

I spent some time today with BlueNote Networks and they seem to be doing well. They have a p2p solution for the enterprise with a heavy focus on SOA. I spoke with the company’s CTO Brian Silver and in his view the future of communications isn’t about the phone but about the mobile device. He referred to an ad he saw where the phone was touted as the virtual office. In his opinion it isn’t the phone that is the office at all but the device you use to work while you are traveling.

We got into a discussion of nomadic versus mobile and how a nomadic device such as a laptop is not necessarily mobile while a mobile device is nomadic. Yes, these are the sorts of conversations engineers have amongst themselves when no one stops them.

Getting back to my original idea, many companies in the VoIP space focus on the device while BlueNote is device agnostic. Communications has to work with not only mobile devices but nomadic ones such as laptops. Using SOA, communications needs to be embedded into applications not just an adjunct. That is the world according to BlueNote.

It should be further stated that some of the other companies in the p2p space such as Nimcat which is now Avaya and Popular Telephony do some similar things and also focus on embedding their technology into phones. This latter idea is not the BlueNote view of the world.

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