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I had a good time at this show and the DC weather was nice after all. I actually walked a great deal outside. Much more than I expected. Perhaps wearing new shoes wasn’t so smart after all. It was more humid in DC than I expected though. I am looking forward to getting back to Connecticut now.

The show was good for me as I got to see lots of CLECs and other companies looking for resellers and enterprise customers. These companies really don’t have much to differentiate themselves from each other.

Few of them market – many rely on others to do the marketing for them. More interesting is the fact that many of these companies also compete with their reseller channels. So CLEX X could sell service to Acme Electronics and one of CLEC X’s resellers could potentially compete for the same deal. I suppose this isn’t unprecedented in business but it just struck me as unusual.

I made some new friends, saw some old ones and got to eat at a semi-trendy restaurant called the Front Page.

The Washington Hilton was OK — nothing special but what you would expect from a Hilton. It is certainly in a great location. I especially liked the alarm clock as it had buttons on top with genres like classical, jazz, etc. Another cool feature was an input jack for an MP3 player so you can wake up to your own music. Of course my UT Starcom XV6700

I stay in so many hotels and it is the little things that differentiate one from another in my opinion.

While I am on the subject — the hotel’s gym opens as 5:30 am which is far too late in my opinion. This is the same time the Washington Sports Club opens as well. They need to open these gyms at 4:30 but that is just one person’s opinion.

While we are on the topic of gyms and hotels I think it important to talk about proper hotel procedure when coming to a new room. About one in 15 stays I am surprised that the alarm clock is set and I wake up when I wasn’t expecting. So the first thing you should do when checking into a room is to check the alarm clock.

Also, make sure to ask if your room has internet access and make sure it is wired. 50% of the time, wireless connections just stink in hotels. Also check the coffee maker — make sure to run some water through it to clean it — if you plan on using it. If you will be in a rush in the morning, set up the maker the night before.

Also, adjust the thermostat as soon as you get to the room to ensure a comfortable temperature. The worst thing that can happen is you set it before sleeping and it gets colder or warmer than you expect n the middle of the night –this happened to me last night.

From a psychological standpoint if you plan on working out, survey the gym the night before (if you plan on working out in the morning). Then before you sleep, imagine yourself waking up and going to the gym and also remember how good you will feel once you come out of the gym.

If possible schedule room service to have breakfast at your room when you get back from the gym. Get your breakfast, open your laptop and feverishly e-mail and blog for as much time as you can.

There you go — my tips for your future hotel stays. Have a great weekend.

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