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"14,000 IP phones a day is what Cisco ships," is what Cisco’s Rick Moran mentioned to the audience as why he thinks the VoIP market is here and now. Moran says there is value in being the phone guy or gal. He mentioned this in his keynote at ITEXPO in Los Angeles.

As he discussed the VoIP market in general Moran said "We need to remove the "cuss" from customer service Rick." He went on to show how VoIP helps us provide better service levels.

"We have turned into human middleware Moran told the audience. We take things from one calendar and import it into another." "This does not seem logical." he continued.

The application and the network need to work together better and it doesn’t make sense that cell phones ring at 3:00 am local time when you travel as the phone and network realize what time it is.

SIP, SIMPLE, SOAP and other standards are making it easier for these things to happen. Moran says there are challenges in working with a converged network and we need to monitor it. The network is alive and management is important. "This is a continual cycle," he exclaimed.

Here are some concise bullets on his closing statements

* Presence is crucial.
* Networks are IP Applications and networks need to work seamlessly together
* Managing across the enterprise is important. We need to think of communities of interest and not individual buildings.
*We must think differently
*Let’s eliminate human middleware
*The future is about multitasking — Rick mentioned that today’s kids are incredible multitaskers
*Don’t wait to deploy as technology will always get better

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