CNBC on Vonage IPO

CNBC had a report on Vonage this morning and mentioned the shares should price tonight. There were a few people being interviewed fro the segment and both seemed bullish on the prospects. The anchor related Vonage’s strategy of losing money to gain share as something out of the dotcom days. One analyst said that Jeffrey Citron is a Wall Street veteran and you shouldn’t bet against him.

The background graphics for the segment were a combination of ads, repeating shots of the Vonage lobby and current Vonage CEO Mike Tribolet demonstrating a WiFi phone at his desk. Surprisingly Mike was being shot from over his right shoulder and not his front.


  • Al Bredenberg VoIP & CRM Blog
    May 23, 2006 at 3:35 pm

    Vonage: ‘One-Trick Pony’ Going for IPO

    I do think the IPO is an important development for the VoIP industry, but it’s hard for me to feel excited about the long-term prospects for a company whose service is marketed as just a cheaper alternative to POTS.

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