Companies Worth Watching

Here is an overview of some companies I have recently met with:

Bluenote Networks continues to make noise. The company makes products that leverage p2p and SOA to enable companies to communicate more effectively. Soon they will open up an API allowing other developers to have access to their platform so they can augment it with new and exciting applications.

In addition they will focus on enabling voice communities from the most basic click to talk applications on your website to enabling a site like ESPN to host conferences made up of basketball fans.

So far Bluenote, Sphere and Avaya have been pushing SOA and communications integration and I think this concept has legs and will take off in 2007.

Spectralink is introducing DECT-based phones aimed and the SME market. DECT is a wireless phone standard that originated in Europe and is heading to America. The technology is ideally suited for environments where existing corporate WiFi telephony solutions might be too expensive. Think a doctor’s office or warehouse with few employees. You can use inexpensive access points to communicate with the DECT phones making them extremely cost-effective.

Getronics is the largest company in technology you may have never heard of. They have 27,000 people mostly in Europe and they focus on network security and VoIP security. They are using their network probes to try to identify attacks such as DDOS before they happen so you can do something about these problems before they happen. The company offers a holistic approach to building voice and data networks and focuses on companies that have about 500 seats or more.

Moving to the call center space, Spanlink has developed a product that helps contact center managers record conversations but more cost-effectively. Integrating with Cisco solutions they record the calls on the agents computers and upload them to a central server at night when bandwidth is more abundant.

There is an integrated scoring capability and screens can be recorded with the voice to see where the agents were when they made a crucial mistake or did something brilliant. The system is 100% IP based and can even push out user training modules when agents don’t measure up to standards.

Being that this is SIP magazine I thought I’d finish up with a company that has SIP in its name. Sipera is a new and focuses on VoIP security. The company has some heavy hitting voice experience in their management team and they are attempting to anticipate VoIP attacks before they happen and defend against them.

Some of the management team comes from companies like Cisco and NetScreen where the focus was on VoIP and security respectively. They are trying to produce solutions that are proactive as opposed to reactive. Of course they tell me they will react if there is an exploit they didn’t anticipate.

The goal is to have a comprehensive security solution in one box.

My take on this is that security in the world of IP communications is crucial. We haven’t seen too many attacks yet but we will. We need to be vigilant. VoIP security will be very hot.

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